Appen Master Service Agreement

  • 23/01/2022

As a freelance worker or contractor, it is always important to protect yourself and your work by having a clear and comprehensive contract with your clients. This is especially true when it comes to working with a third-party platform like Appen, which offers a range of data annotation and machine learning services. If you are considering working with Appen, it`s important to familiarize yourself with their Master Service Agreement (MSA) and understand what it entails.

The Appen MSA is a contract that governs the relationship between Appen and its contractors. It covers a range of topics, including payment terms, confidentiality, dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, and liability. As a copy editor, you may be interested in the sections of the MSA that pertain to content creation and ownership.

Ownership of Content:

One key aspect of the Appen MSA is the ownership of the content that you create while working on the platform. The MSA states that any content that you create for Appen belongs to Appen and cannot be used or reproduced without their permission. This means that you cannot use any content you create for Appen in your professional portfolio or share it with other clients. However, you can still use the skills and knowledge you gain from working on Appen projects to market yourself to other clients.


Another important aspect of the Appen MSA is confidentiality. The MSA requires contractors to keep all client and project information confidential, including the data they are annotating. This means that you cannot share any information about the projects you work on with Appen or with anyone outside of the platform. Additionally, the MSA requires that contractors delete all project-related data once the project is complete.

Payment Terms:

The payment terms outlined in the Appen MSA are straightforward and fair. Appen pays its contractors on a monthly basis, and payment is made through PayPal or Payoneer. The MSA states that Appen will pay contractors within 30 days of receiving an invoice, and it provides clear guidance on how to submit an invoice.

Dispute Resolution:

Finally, the Appen MSA outlines the process for resolving disputes between contractors and Appen. If a dispute arises, the parties are required to engage in good-faith negotiations to try to resolve it. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the dispute can be referred to mediation or arbitration.

Overall, the Appen MSA is a comprehensive document that provides clear guidance and expectations for contractors who work on the platform. As a copy editor or content creator, it is important to understand the ownership and confidentiality provisions of the MSA to protect your work and reputation. By familiarizing yourself with the MSA before working with Appen, you can ensure that you are entering into a clear and fair agreement with the platform.